Elder Tarishia Martin is a woman after God’s own heart, seeking to lead God’s people by equipping them
for the Ministry of Intercession. Elder Martin’s Intercessory Prayer journey was formed in 1997 in the
basement of her home. Every morning at 5 a.m., she made a commitment to the Lord for a time of
intercession. She interceded for family members, friends, and others she never met in life. The
basement soon became her own personal prayer room, a place where she learned the power of prayer
and intercession. In 1999, Elder Martin recognized the call of God to take Intercessory Prayer beyond
her prayer room into the church. Bishop Benjamin K. Watts, Senior Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church, New
London, approved her as facilitator of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry. During this time, Elder Martin
learned the character of God and His desire to use intercessors as key vessels in the earth realm. Elder
Martin’s commitment to God and serving God’s people extends to the pulpit. She was ordained into the
Gospel Ministry June 30, 2011 by Bishop Watts. After nineteen years of praying, fasting, teaching,
interceding, and in recent years, conducting and facilitating annual Intercessory Prayer Retreats and
Intercessory Prayer Boot Camps, the Lord instructed Elder Martin to carry these essential teachings
beyond the four walls of the church. Obedience to this instruction gave birth to Rising Intercessors LLC.
Rising Intercessors is a ministry that equips, trains and develops individuals through intensive and
interactive prayer boot camps for intercessors and those who desire a deeper understanding of prayer.
Elder Martin believes in the power of prayer, and her commitment to prayer has equipped her with
insightful revelations to minister and pray as the Holy Spirit directs. She affirms the Word of God in
James 5:16a (NLT)” The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results.”

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