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​  • Peace Be Still – Quiet time by the water

• Feet-Washing Ceremony – Expression of servanthood
  • Holy Communion – United in remembrance of Jesus' suffering and love
  • Sea of Forgiveness Ceremony – Forgiveness, a liberating experience 


The Commission Service is for Rising Intercessors who have successfully completed the Intercessory Prayer Boot Camp. This service is to commission Rising Intercessors to be established as an overt office of intercession and to be given public recognition to individuals God is calling into the Ministry of Intercessory Prayer.

What takes place at the Commissioning Service

• Intercessors/Prayer Warriors make the exchange from white towels (worn over their heads during Intercessory Prayer Boot Camp, as a representative of the Tallit (Prayer Shawl) during their times of intercession,) to the Tallit (Prayer Shawl) signifies that the Prayer Shawl is a significant part of prayer warriors’ armor as referenced in Numbers 15:37-41.


• Litany – Intercessors/Prayer Warriors Covenant– Intercessors are commissioned and united in the ministry of Intercessory Prayer. 

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