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Intercessory Prayer Boot Camp is an intensive journey
of mandatory practical training sessions. These lessons
are designed to unequivocally affirm one’s calling to the
Ministry of Intercessory Prayer.

Intercessory Prayer Boot Camp is designed to equip,
train, and develop men and women who strongly believe
that God is calling them into the Ministry of Intercessory
Prayer, and for men and women who desire a deeper
level of prayer.

What takes place at Intercessory Prayer Boot Camp

​  • Identify and awaken the genre of intercessor in you          
  • Praying the Word/writing prayers
  • Developing and embracing your own prayer style
  • Liberated to Publicly Pray

• Private Prayers vs. Public Prayers

• Prayer Assignment/Prayer Petitions

• Spiritual Warfare - Ready for Battle

• Practical Prayer Exercises

• Travailing Prayer

• Tallit (Prayer Shawl) Intercessors Holy Prayer Garment


The next Intercessory Prayer Boot Camp Dates:

April 23 & 30, 2022

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